June 21st, 2013



This does not bother the government, which itself imprisons completely innocent protesters and turns a blind eye when its citizens are beaten, insulted and humiliated, even though this is taking place in full view of the police, photographers, camera crews and hundreds of witnesses. Under the hypocritical pretext of the moral protection of children, the state encourages children themselves to resort to violence and cruelty. It was children who were let loose on the peaceful LGBT picket at the Parliament building on 11th June, as MPs debated the new legislation. It was children who, under the coldblooded eyes of the police, who refused to intervene, tripped up, kicked and poured urine over young protesters.  And it was children who chanted fascist slogans.

I believe that the government of my country, by using children as a tool of repression against LGBT people, is destroying its own future. And as for Russia’s present – it is the forward march of fascism and bigotry.